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Re: [edlug] Amstrad ALT-386SX 4MB memory & Linux

For a laugh some time back I dug out an old 386SX of similar spec to
your machine.  I did get Linux up on it using an old copy of slackware
(running 1.2.13 kernel) and it was pretty good for command line stuff. 
X was out of the question really, 8MB is a more realistic minimum even
with such and old copy of Linux.  I did get X up but it took ages to
start and swapped horribly.  Other problem was the lack of PCMCIA slots
which meant the only way to network it was SLIP or PLIP.  I made up a
parallel cable and used PLIP and it worked surprisingly well.

The hard drive you have would be fine for slackware vintage 1995, you
might even be able to find one an archive of it somewhere but if not I
can burn you a copy of mine (no, I won't part with it!  Piece of history
that CD).

You will need to do a floppy install of course, but slackware is good
for that.  I had a 486DX with 8MB back in the day which had 150MB of
disc and I had X, Netscape, GCC and a few other bits and pieces on it.  
A full install was still less than 400MB and there was plenty of stuff
to miss out.

Have fun!


On Tue, 2003-01-28 at 13:08, stuart.pettie@xxx.xxx.xxx wrote:
> Hi All
> I have come into possession of an old Amstrad ALT-386SX protable computer.
> FDD is a 34-pin connector, power supplied up the ribbon cable, but can be
> replaced with moderm FDD for £100ish.
> HDD is 170MB, but might be able to change it for a 0.5Gb HDD, if I can find
> one.
> I know this machine can run Win3.1 happily.
> I would like to put Linux with X-windows on it.
> I am wonder if it is worth spending time & money or should I just leave it
> running Win3.1.
> Not got any *real* use/need for it to change to Linux, but would handy to have
> spare machine for digging deeper into the command line side of Linux.
> Anybody have any views ?
> Stuart
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