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Re: [edlug] missing icons, dodgy mouse after update


  I often find that when you say "It won't take long to do a reinstall",
  you find that it takes much longer than you initially thought, due to
  all those 'little things'.
To me it sounds like several packages have had dependency problems on an
update, or their MD5 or something has been invalid and they have not
updated or something along those lines. You mentioned that some gnome
packages weren't installed - which were these? Have they definitely now
been installed? Do a quick check with rpm -q <packagename>.
The problem with your disappearing windows etc Is not uncommonly related
to mouse bothers under X. X gets very upset when it doesn't have the
correct mouse type or configuration. Someone else suggested the
redhat-mouse-config tool or something. I'm not 100% familiar with that
tool, although I've probably used it before in 8.0. I use the ncurses text
mode tool, mouseconfig. You will probably find that when you sort your
mouse bother, your disappearing windows go away.
Your lost icons. Could nautilus be de-installed? Again, query the package
and install from your CD if necessary.
As someone else suggested, what happens if you create a new user -- does
that user have similar problems in Gnome, or are they gone? If that's the
case, you might want to delete your .gnome2 or .nautilus directories in
your home dir, so that Gnome re-creates them. Yes, you'll only get your
default icons and prefs back, but at least you might get things working
Finally, your question about the CD vs Downloads. The downloads of the Red
Hat 8.0 isos are not updated - they are the release ISOs. However, Red Hat
update their ftp site which contains all the latest rpm updates.
Determining which updates to take can be time consuming if you don't know
what you need though. Try not to use ftp.redhat.com as it's often
busy/slow, instead use a mirror like ftp.mirror.ac.uk

Alistair J Ross

Edmund Strangely said:
> Ed wrote:
>>I also upgraded over the weekend (from 2.4.18-18) but don't have any of
>>these problems. My mouse is a USB MS Intellimouse. I don't think that
>>the kernel or mouse config would adversely affect desktop icons so
>>perhaps some gnome config got screwed?.
>>Try reconfiguring the mouse. What happens if you create a new user and
>>log in as them?
> A serial mouse seems to work fine so far. The ps/2 one after
> reinstalling started fine but then kept nipping of to the right of the
> screen. I was trying to get something off my redhat disks, when I
> noticed that my package manager thought that gnome wasn't installed, so
>  I thought maybe reinstalling it would help, so I did, now when I
> minimise an application it vanishes off the screen and can't be found,
> which isn't good. I am seriously considering a complete re-install.
> There wouldn't be that much work that I would need to do again, just
> set  up the firewall again, and my mail account, and possibly update
> with  patches etc. If I got hold of a recent download would it be
> anymore  patched up than the disks which I have? Do they regularly
> update the  downloads? I'm worried that I could reinstall and update,
> and get the  same problems.
> Edmund Strangely
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