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Re: [edlug] missing icons, dodgy mouse after update

Ed wrote:

I also upgraded over the weekend (from 2.4.18-18) but don't have any of these problems. My mouse is a USB MS Intellimouse. I don't think that the kernel or mouse config would adversely affect desktop icons so perhaps some gnome config got screwed?.

Try reconfiguring the mouse. What happens if you create a new user and log in as them?

A serial mouse seems to work fine so far. The ps/2 one after reinstalling started fine but then kept nipping of to the right of the screen. I was trying to get something off my redhat disks, when I noticed that my package manager thought that gnome wasn't installed, so I thought maybe reinstalling it would help, so I did, now when I minimise an application it vanishes off the screen and can't be found, which isn't good. I am seriously considering a complete re-install. There wouldn't be that much work that I would need to do again, just set up the firewall again, and my mail account, and possibly update with patches etc. If I got hold of a recent download would it be anymore patched up than the disks which I have? Do they regularly update the downloads? I'm worried that I could reinstall and update, and get the same problems.

Edmund Strangely

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