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[edlug] missing icons, dodgy mouse after update

I recently updated my rh8.0 with all relevant patches and and a new kernel, 2.4.18-19.8.0 rather than 2.4.18-14. Upon rebooting, my gnome desktop icons had vanished, the menu that used to come up with right click on the desktop didn't, and after using it for a while, my mouse kept running away to the top of the screen. I just tried a known good mouse from a friend, and that one runs away to the bottom left corner. This occurs in gnome and in a text terminal, and if I boot into the old kernel.

Is it gpm which handles the mouse in gnome as well as in text terminals? I am wary of diving into gpm-config or whatever it's called as my friend says it's a tad tricky.

Is there anything easier to use in redhat for  mouse configuration? And are there any good free hardware test programs that will test my ps/2 port?  My copy of PCCheck just died.

Apologies for non 72 char wrapping etc, having to post from my palmtop again...

PS Just off to try a serial mouse...
Edmund Strangely
"Talking like I'm on and I'm the only one and making like I'm gone and staring like a gun"-
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