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RE: [edlug] any experience of xcalibre ISP, Livingston

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> Sent: 24 January 2003 08:52
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> Subject: RE: [edlug] any experience of xcalibre ISP, Livingston
> Tony,
> Do you still only have one pipe into your space at redbus?
> I always thought you should have backup, since it is the pipe 
> that often
> goes down.

Hi Colin, et all.

We do still currently have one, but as Ally has mentioned, we're going
multihomed in the next couple of weeks.

There will be a slight delay as we're actually moving all our kit into
one of the new redbus buildings rather than having it spread over two as
it is at the moment, but we will then have bandwidth from Level3 as well
as Easynet (and shortly be peering at Lonap as well)

Let the fun of renumbering IP Addresses (we've finally got our own /20)

Tony Lucas
Chief Technical Officer
XCalibre Communications Ltd

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