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RE: [edlug] any experience of xcalibre ISP, Livingston

This will be my last post on the subject.

But, relying on one ISP is bad news. Their cables pop out all the time
(sorry to be so pornographic), and while they have seven routes out of
redbus, if you have only one link into a router, then already you have a

Personally, I have two switches in front of the server, attached to
three providers routers.

Reasons are, when I had one switch and it blew over xmas, the server was
offline for 3 days, and I even found it just as cheap to link into 3
ISps than 2. The third was dirt cheap.

You learn from bad experience I am afraid. 

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> I believe that XCalibre are going multi-homed this week so
> should make things to your liking.

This is a bit off topic so this will be my last post to the list on this

I really don't think that it is such a bad idea for an ISP to have only
upstream connection.

In fact my business, Logical Progression, has only one ISP in RedBus in
the same was as xcalibre. Our ISP is multi-homed and has 5 different
out of RedBus.

I don't have Easynet's network map to hand but I'm fairly sure that they
will also have multiple routes out of RedBus. So for an ISP to choose to
have a single provider in a data centre that has diverse routes out of
building is not necessarily inferior to arranging multiple routes


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