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Re: [edlug] Good books?

On Tuesday 21 January 2003 16:01, Edmund Strangely wrote:
> As folk will have noted from my posts, I'm still really just learning
> Linux, but I don't really know where to go now for more information
> other than asking questions here. I've read Running Linux, which wasn't
> very in-depth, and I'm reading Learning the Bash Shell, which should be
> helpful, but are there any other good books that I could read, or should
> I just try online sources? Nothing seems to give a really good overview.
> I don't really have much understanding about the kernel, such as what
> modules are all about, and I've never tried to recompile the damn thing.
> Should I get a specific RedHat book as I am running rh8.0 now?
> Suggestions gratefully appreciated...
> Edmund

I'm using "Linux Desk Reference" and "The Linux Cookbook" which I got from 
Amazon (special offer as I bought the two).

The first is useful if you have a problem with, say, scheduling, coz all the 
scheduling commands are listed in one area. There aren't nearly enough 
command examples and the tc shell gets a greater lookin than bash, but all in 
all a useful aide memoire.

The second is just a long list of recipes for getting things done, so it has 
lots of examples, and is great if it is covering the same problem you have. 
But it is based on debian so some of the commands aren't immediately 
available to me running SuSE.

The Linux Documentation Project is a useful resource.

Linux Format mag has recommended "Linux in the Workplace" although I haven't 
read it.


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