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Re: [edlug] OpenOffice scripting

Gordon Guthrie wrote:

Thanks Phill! This does exactly what I need. Now if I could only get
this in a command-line form so I could use it from scripts.

Open Office has a full scripting language (aimed to be VBA compatible) which
is completely object orientated and can be accessed externally.

I think comparable is a better description as it will not run VBA scripts. Work has just started on an incubator project to write a converter between the two.

This exposes a series of UNOs (in IDL) which currently have Java and C++
bindings as detailed here (http://api.openoffice.org/)

Try downloading the ODK http://www.openoffice.org/dev_docs/source/1.0.1/source.html#sdk which contains loads of info including a large PDF on the Star Basic language (the same as it was under StarOffice 5.2)

Had there been a macro recorder it would have been a lot easier because you
can just record and (if necessary) transpose macros, but 1.0 didn't have

True, it is to be included in the 1.1 release, the middle of this year. You can download the developer binary release, 643C, which includes it or try to compile from CVS build 644, the very latest version which will become OOo1.1.

For those interest the latest bug fix release 1.0.2 is out now. Head to the UK mirror http://www.mirror.ac.uk/sites/sf1.mirror.openoffice.org/stable/1.0.2/ to get it (the release notes haven't been finished yet as this release hasn't officially been released, although these are the final binaries).

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