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RE: [edlug] compact flash

Thanks very much. I will try to reformat it from linux. Incedently, how do
you format a device with a fat-16 file system from linux? I have
previously done the job in windows first and after that haven't worried
about it.

> Compact flash looks like an IDE interface and usually is formatted using
> a FAT-12 or FAT-16 file system. It's very unlikely that you've
> permanently damaged the card. However, some CF readers can be pretty bad

> Out of interest, what CF reader were you using? I only use Lexar CF
> cards now because the "reader" is nothing more than a glorified USB
> cable, and hence cheap enough for Lexar to give away with the card ;-)

I was using a card going into a Lexar pcmcia card adapter and then
into a Lexar parallel port/pcmcia adapter and into the parallel port
of a pc.


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