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Re: [edlug] OpenOffice scripting


Thanks Phill! This does exactly what I need. Now if I could only get
this in a command-line form so I could use it from scripts.

Open Office has a full scripting language (aimed to be VBA compatible) which is completely object orientated and can be accessed externally.

This exposes a series of UNOs (in IDL) which currently have Java and C++
bindings as detailed here (http://api.openoffice.org/)

I have written a coupla hundred lines of Star Basic (Within Open Office) and
think that it is as good as VBA in Word (it should be, its a clone). The big
problem is the lack of documentation. All I could really get was the Class
IDLs, which is fine if all you are doing is programming a single function
call. Unfortunately you actually need to know how all the different calls
work together to manipulate objects which I found quite tricky... (despite
being a ninja Word/Excel/Project/Access/VB Basic programmer).

Had there been a macro recorder it would have been a lot easier because you
can just record and (if necessary) transpose macros, but 1.0 didn't have

I think that there is a plan to have a macro recorder (it may have been
done) and there is work on programmers documentation
(http://api.openoffice.org/DevelopersGuide/DevelopersGuide.html) but it
mainly focusses on external API programming via Java/C++...

I read somewhere (translates can't be bothered to find a reference) that
people were working on Perl/Python/Ruby/Usual Suspects bindings, but who

Real soon now it will be a doddle...


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