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[edlug] compact flash

Hi guys,
Can anyone advise me on this:
I have a compact flash card which I (stuipdly ;) tryed to write to in a
windows box, which crashed during the write. I therefore had to eject the
card/reboot the computer at that point. The card is now corrupted as a
result and other computers cannot read/write to it.
Does anyone know if the card is likly to be permantly damaged, or can I do
some kind of (low level) fomat of it to sort it out?
Thanks alot,

Alex Zelter,
Fungal Cell Biology Group
Agricultural College
West Mains Road
Edinburgh EH9 3JG

Tel. 44-(0)-131-535-4178
 or  44-(0)-131-535-4152
FAX. 44-(0)-131-667-2601
Website: http://www.fungalcell.org
Email: azelter@xxx.xxx.xxx

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