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Re: [edlug] OpenOffice scripting

Phill Gillespie <phill.gillespie@xxx.xxx.xxx> writes:

> K. Ari Krupnikov wrote:
> >Does anyone know if there is a command-line utility in Star/OpenOffice
> >that would convert, say, .DOC to is native format, SXW? I have a
> >number of documents I need to convert to a readable format, and I
> >don't fancy clicking my way through all of them.
> Use the built-in auto-pilot to do it.  From any OOo window chose File
> > Auto-Pilot > Document Converter and then give the paths for the MS
> file types you have.

Thanks Phill! This does exactly what I need. Now if I could only get
this in a command-line form so I could use it from scripts.


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