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[edlug] cdwriters and laptops

hi all,
i know cdwrites and how to use them comes up reasonably frequently but i
think this particular problem didn't so far:
i've got the cdwriter all set up on a toshiba satellite laptop, i can
write cds using command line tools. however, using a gui cdwriting tool
like koncd/kreatecd does not work. what happens is that when the media
information is collected the cd is automatically ejected (and usually
loaded again). since it's a laptop it doesn't load the cd again and the
program dies and i can't use the gui program.
did anyone find a solution to this problem or should i tell my flatmate to
get used to the command line.

Magnus Hagdorn
Department of Geology and Geophysics
The University of Edinburgh
Grant Institute
West Mains Road
Edinburgh EH9 3JW
PHONE: (+44) 131 650 5917
FAX:   (+44) 131 668 3184
email: Magnus.Hagdorn@xxx.xxx.xxx

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