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[edlug] Kicking kernel-modules back into life?

I have a web cam on a USB port, which is fine and dandy, and allows be
to be silly (but that's a natural state for me, acording to some people

Anyway, every now an again, the web-cam goes off-line and I need to
reload the kernel modules it uses to get the damn thing to become
available again.

I have the following modules (relevant) loaded:
ov511                  75264   0 (unused)
cpia_usb                4392   0 (autoclean) (unused)
cpia                   24384   1 [cpia_usb]
usb-ohci               16992   0 (unused)

and have tried to do an "rmmod foo" for the various modules, then an
"insmod foo" to reload them again - however this does not seem to kick
the camera back into life.

This *may* be due to me loading the modules in the wrong order, or may
be because it's not the right way to do it.

Whatever the reason, I end up resorting to rebooting the machine to
restart the bl@@dy thing..

It works, but it's a bit heavy-handed for such a simple thing - and it
interrupts the work I'm doing on various other systems.

What is the better way to reload the modules?

(It's a Debian box, if that's relevant)

Ian Stuart: Edinburgh University Data Library.

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