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[edlug] Open Office problems with menus

anybody installed Open Office on Red Hat 7 ?  (no java installed)
installs OK but when I run the applictaion it comes up but the menus don't
work,  e.g when clicking on the File menu it shows no list of options such
as open,save etc ?  anybody any ideas ?

I'm still on XP, waiting for an Alcatel usb ADSL modem to appear so
hopefully will get Linux access to the internet this week and get rid of
this crappy MS operating system.  my XP has a problem with the Windows
Management Instrumentations (WMI) which is supposedly for setting up the
network connection - god knows why its not working.  is this XP not meant to
be better (don't reply please :o) - don't want to start talking about MS)

regards Brian

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