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Re: [edlug] messy music collections

On Sat, Jan 18, 2003 at 02:53:44PM +0000, Matthew wrote:

> my flatmates and i have decided we are going to stick all our music on one 
> server.  problem is, i am the only one who actually has any structure for 
> storing them; when ripping a cd, grip sorts out folders/subfolders etc, and 
> its all pretty. Someone else has every file in a single directory, and 
> another has them all sorted into directories named after the day they were 
> ripped on, and no filenames for the tracks! what I am looking for is a 
> program that will trawl through their collections and use ID3 information to 
> sort the files into nice named directories etc. Does anyone know of an 
> appropriate program/script?

  I thought I remembered seeing something like this recently, so I checked.

  There were a couple of small scripts posted upon the Perl Monks website
 a while back that would appear to do the right thing for you, I've been
 meaning to write something like this for a while too - as some of my
 songs are badly organized, I tend to just end up using a search tool to
 search music by genre prior to playing when I can't find what I want!


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