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Re: [edlug] messy music collections

On Sat, 18 Jan 2003, Matthew wrote:

> vaguely related to this, i have to haul my laptop into the kitchen if we want 
> music. Which would be fine, except my wlan connection seems to... well, stop 
> every now and then (once every 2 minutes or something) which really upsets 
> anyone singing along to  the music when it stops... it's a belkin card 
> (prism2 chipset) and doesnt seem to have this problem under windows. any 
> suggestions greatfully recieved!

I can't help with either of your problems, but I do have a Belkin card and 
I do not have this problem. I am running Red Hat 8.0. The router/access 
point it is connected to is also a Belkin.

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