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RE: [edlug] loading kernel modules

Ah my young padwah, you have the second edition I believe, I have recently purchased the latest one, coz I moved to Bind 9 :-P


Faye Gibbins
Technical Architecture Team

"And his attitude towards his councils and towards each one of his advisers should be such that they will recognize that the more freely they speak out the more acceptable they will be... who does not is ruined by flatterers" -- Machiavelli

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On Wednesday 15 January 2003  2:27 pm, FayeGibbins@xxx.xxx.xxx wrote:
> OTTOMH Bind defaults to TCP when the message that it would send my UDP
> exceeds a certain length. But whether it's the server or the client that
> moves to TCP first I don't know coz my O'Reilly book is at home.
> Yours
> Faye Gibbins

No it isn't. I have it!





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