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Re: [edlug] Modem error log

* Stephen C Tweedie wrote:

> Well, the old thin/thick-wire ethernet was, but twisted pair is rather
> different --- you never have multiple hosts on a single wire in that
> case.

I don't think this is correct, is it?  If you're using a hub rather
than a switch, then you still see everyone's packets, and collisions
can still happen, I think - they're not all magically resolved by the
hub.  Perhaps they are for full-duplex, and presumably switches do
fairly deep magic.

But maybe this is completely wrong - I've always thought of a TP
ethernet (at least a simple one with a hub) as being just the same
thing as a proper ethernet, except the actual ethernet has all
vanished into the hub and all you see are drop cables.  But maybe this
is wrong.


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