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Re: [edlug] loading kernel modules

On Sun, 12 Jan 2003, Edmund Strangely wrote:

I deleted the earlier part of this thread but I am feeling helpful so I
will give a non-technical (co I can't ;-) answer to this bit...

> Also, do I need to know what udp and icmp are?

UDP - User Datagram Protocol, a protocol used by services such as NFS*.
Unlike TCP, UDP does not deal with packet corruption or loss (so this is
implemented in NFS. Check /etc/services and you will see that services
either run with TCP or UDP. If you don't use the UDP ones, then block
them! (Same applies for TCP), see man services for details.

ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol, this protocol sends information
about the network, e.g "Port unreachable" if you try to telnet to a
machine that is not serving telnet. ICMP is also used for some clever
re-routing for finding the optimal paths for network packets.

P.S. I find these sorts of answers on the web - I don't actually know
any of this stuff! Search Google for "Dictionary of Computing" and use

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