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Re: [edlug] loading kernel modules


On Sun, 2003-01-12 at 14:40, Edmund Strangely wrote:

> Sorry to be a nuisance, but I've forgotten how load kernel modules... 

The command

	$ modprobe <module-name>

is the best way: it will exit silently if the module is already loaded,
and it knows about module dependencies so if the module you asked for
requires a different one to be loaded first, it will do the right thing.

> I think the module is just called iptables.o.

Then "modprobe iptables" is all you need.

However, on Red Hat 8.0, there's an iptables service you can use which
does all that for you:

	$ service iptables start

will run it all.  You can make sure it is enabled by default by running
the config command

	$ chkconfig iptables on

and once it is running, you can then make any firewall changes you need,
and then save them for the iptables script to pick up next time it runs

	$ service iptables save

> It mentions having packet filtering enabled in your kernel. Will I have this as I initially answered no to the offer of a firewall from my rh8.0 install as I used to have one on my router?

You won't have it enabled in your system, most likely, but the kernel
module will still be there and can be loaded when needed.


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