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[edlug] S L O W serial modem (how do i fix it?)

my serial port modem is slow. I just bought it and it's on my desktop computer (it runs red hat 8.0). i have a laptop computer too (it runs mandrake 9.0), and it has a PCMCIA modem. both connect to the same account at the same isp (freeserve anytime) using the same telephone number. and both are 56k modems. the desktop serial port modem is connected normally on com1 or /dev/ttyS0 i made a symlink at /dev/modem of course to point to it. The PC card modem on the laptop i think is connected to an emulated com3, bt the mandrake installer put it automatically at /dev/modem and i have never checked to see where that points. 

Now the serial port modem customarily seems to go at about 0.5kbps, peaking at 0.8kbps. This sucks compared to the PC card modem which goes at 4.2 kbps peaking at 5.2kbps.

I know this only from looking at the download speed while downloading rpm files while nothing else was using the connection, and also from the fact that webpages seem to load up a lot slower on the desktop than on the laptop.

I am using redhat-control-network to connect to the internet and my baud rate is set to 460800 and i know absolutely nothing about modem initialisation strings so if that's the problem then i don't know anything about it. Nevertheless redhat-control-network has quite a few 'Compression' options, all of which are currently ticked (on) but which don't seem to make any difference anyway.

Now what command line (or other) utilities can i use to determine some accurate speed ratings here, and then what can i do to make the serial port modem just as fast as the pc card modem. I really need to get a working modem on the desktop computer asap and would appreciate any thoughts that anybody has.

thanks very much in advance...

You can see some specs about the particular modem that i am talking about here:

Best wishes,

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