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[edlug] Samba & Win NT / 2k Server

I think this may rank alongside Faye's network cable request but here goes:

I've been following a plan of bringing in Linux to my company with pretty good success. Shortly we will be dropping our Novell Server in favour of Debian running Samba. This will be the Primary Domain Controller with an LDAP back-end that will control the (single) login for users running Windows 2000. This has been working fine on my test machines but now I have a slightly different problem.

A specialist piece of software we need runs on Interbase and although the company is slowly coming around to the idea of a Linux release the demand is simply not there right now. I now need to added either an NTv6 or 2k Server into my network so 6 (and only ever 6) users can run this custom app. I've read lots about getting Samba to work under a Windows controlled domain but has anybody come across people doing it the other way around?

Am I best trying to struggle with 2k or will it be easier to get NT to behave properly? Will either of them allow password authentication from a Samba PDC? Am I crazy for thinking this...?

P h i l l

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