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Re: [edlug] Compile-it-yersel And Performance (mostly Debian)

On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 at 02:39:02PM +0000, Gordon Guthrie wrote:

> I'm building a Debian server. It's a dual processor P6, blah-blah. For 
> *most* things I am quite happy to take the stock binaries (compiled for 386 
> (?) or 586 (probably/mostly).
> For the bits that do the heavy lifting (Apache, Mysql, the kernel obviously) 
> I intend to install the source, compile it into a deb (Debain for RPM) and 
> install it from local (so far so good...)

  I'm not convinced that this would make an appreciable amount of difference,
 but good luck regardless!

> Question 3 "Are there any other standard utilities/bits 'n bobs that if 
> compiled natively would noticebly improve the resonsiveness of my server?

  I think focussing upon the utilities themselves would be overkill, what
 would be an interesting experiment would be to rebuild libc, etc which should
 have an impact upon all the binaries on the system.

  Similarly libopenssl would probably be a good candidate..

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