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[edlug] Installing SuSE 8.1


I'm brand new to linux and I'm having a lot of trouble installing Suse 8.1,
I'm sure that I must be missing somthing!

I have burnt a boot cd from the suse website using the boot.iso found in

I have also created module disks 1 to 4.

I can now boot from the cd and it gives a selection of options presented as
a gui.

I then press Esc to bring up the boot prompt.

I have copied the whole of the 8.1 directory to my win 98 PCs and my win XP
PC which I make available using bulletproof ftp.

As far as I can tell from the Suse documentation that I have found I should
be entering the following at the boot prompt

linux install=ftp://my_ftp_pc's_ip_address/8.1

On my XP machine this causes the first half of the linux kernel to install
from CD and then a prompting to insert module disk 1.

When the kernel has loaded my XP machine reboots and repeats the whole
my 98 machine goes a bit further, it seems to go through the process of
detecting the hardware before freezing, giving a solid red led for constant
disk activity.

I have also tried the same technique using the suse ftp server as well and
get the same result.

I would be very, very grateful if someone could point out what I'm doing


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