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Re: [edlug] looking for a cable router, any ideas.

I have been using the BEFSR41 from linksys for about 2 years now, I am presently using it with the blueyonder 1 MB service and have had no problems, It is easy to set up and has only needed an ocasional firmware upgrade. You need to set the mac address on it but apart from that and changing the password you will be ready to go, It also contains a 10/100 switch but only 4 ports. It has also been around a long time so there are a lot of people to help. Thats my recommendation, I will be interested to see what other people are using.



From: "colin" <colin@xxx.xxx.xxx>
To: <edlug@xxx.xxx.xxx>
Subject: [edlug] looking for a cable router, any ideas.
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 12:34:14 -0000


Does anyone have a recommendation for a cable router/ 5 way hub, even if
possible one with a firewall.

I know linksys and d-link do this sort of stuff, but if anyone has a
recommendation, it will be appreciated.

I just installed the 1 meg service from telewest. They use webcache on
port 80 which annoys a bit. I have set my browser to constantly check
for a newer version of a webpage which should do the trick hopefully.


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