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Re: [edlug] Compile-it-yersel And Performance (mostly Debian)

Recompiling could have an effect for bare-metal programs like the kernel and anything else which uses processor specific features. Raw speed excepted, my experience is that software only benefits from processor specific features if it is written explicitly to exploit those features.

Otherwise compiler generated code will tend to be pretty much the same code regardless of architecture. I'd be surprised if recompilation made any measurable difference for high level apps like perl and mysql. Has anyone seen any objective comparisons or benchmarks?


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Subject: [edlug] Compile-it-yersel And Performance (mostly Debian)


I'm building a Debian server. It's a dual processor P6, blah-blah. For 
*most* things I am quite happy to take the stock binaries (compiled for 386 
(?) or 586 (probably/mostly).

For the bits that do the heavy lifting (Apache, Mysql, the kernel obviously) 
I intend to install the source, compile it into a deb (Debain for RPM) and 
install it from local (so far so good...)

I have 3 questions that I would welcome answers/advice on.

I will be using mod-perl a lot (and mod-gzip as well). Question 1 should I 
compile *perl* and *gzip* on their own? My guess is that both mod-perl and 
mod-gzip will invoke the standard binaries and that I should.

Question 2 depends on Question 1. If I need to recompile perl, I would 
expect to *uninstall* the stock deb, and then *install* the compiled deb, 
but (as far as I know) dpkg (the Debian package manager) uses perl... 
Question 2 "How do I compile and install my own Perl binaries..." 
Supplemental Question 2a "what the hell do I do if I get the new perl half 
installed, with the old perl offski?"

I will be running a few other services:
* (intermittent) ftp for site maintenance (proftpd)
* some (low volume) mailing lists/accounts (gnu mailman/exim)
* DNS for local domains (bind or djbdns)

I wasn't proposing to compile those apps 'cos I don't think they will:
* be doing a lot of work
* have a material effect on the responsiveness of the server to its user's 
needs in the terms that the user feel (god, this page is takin forever to 

Question 3 "Are there any other standard utilities/bits 'n bobs that if 
compiled natively would noticebly improve the resonsiveness of my server?

Ta in advance


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