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[edlug] Compile-it-yersel And Performance (mostly Debian)


I'm building a Debian server. It's a dual processor P6, blah-blah. For *most* things I am quite happy to take the stock binaries (compiled for 386 (?) or 586 (probably/mostly).

For the bits that do the heavy lifting (Apache, Mysql, the kernel obviously) I intend to install the source, compile it into a deb (Debain for RPM) and install it from local (so far so good...)

I have 3 questions that I would welcome answers/advice on.

I will be using mod-perl a lot (and mod-gzip as well). Question 1 should I compile *perl* and *gzip* on their own? My guess is that both mod-perl and mod-gzip will invoke the standard binaries and that I should.

Question 2 depends on Question 1. If I need to recompile perl, I would expect to *uninstall* the stock deb, and then *install* the compiled deb, but (as far as I know) dpkg (the Debian package manager) uses perl... Question 2 "How do I compile and install my own Perl binaries..." Supplemental Question 2a "what the hell do I do if I get the new perl half installed, with the old perl offski?"

I will be running a few other services:
* (intermittent) ftp for site maintenance (proftpd)
* some (low volume) mailing lists/accounts (gnu mailman/exim)
* DNS for local domains (bind or djbdns)

I wasn't proposing to compile those apps 'cos I don't think they will:
* be doing a lot of work
* have a material effect on the responsiveness of the server to its user's needs in the terms that the user feel (god, this page is takin forever to load...)

Question 3 "Are there any other standard utilities/bits 'n bobs that if compiled natively would noticebly improve the resonsiveness of my server?

Ta in advance


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