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RE: [edlug] CD Writers

Try an LG GCE-8481B. I have one and it works well with the excellent
nero writing software, (which you get a copy off also).

You can pick one up from komplett.co.uk for 45 quid, delivered by dhl.

In fact komplett.co.uk can't be beaten on prices. They have good stock

Another place to try is scan.co.uk, but they don't show stock levels
(although generally they are always better supplied than dabs, who live
just up the road from them)

Personally speaking, I don't have a high regard for user2, their service
and their prices. 

In today's market you are nearly always better to buy new. These shops
need to make a profit and tend to rip people off. 

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Hi All,

My PII-266 box at home soldiers on without trouble, apart from the CD
drive, which is becoming increasingly erratic. Given that I am also
filling the HDDs up with pictures from my digital camera, it seems to
sense to replace the dodgy CD-Rom reader with a CD-RW drive. The things
cost £50-80 at User2 and at my local PC shop in Dunbar -- not
exactly bank-breaking. 

Before adding to my festive season credit-card hangover, I thought I'd
present company if they have encountered any problems or gotchas with
these things.  In particular, should I care that the box says "requires
333 MHz pentium or better"? 

I intended to go for an internal ATAPI one to slot in exactly where the
duff drive is now [1] -- I believe the USB ones don't work in Linux. The
HOWTOs seem to imply that all the ATAPI ones work under Linux. I know
I'll need to sort out the SCSI-over-IDE modules. I already did that on a
laptop that came with a CD-RW and it was relatively painless.

Many thanks in advance.....


[1] I do have a SCSI card for my scanner  but I the shops don't seem to
    stock many SCSI CD-RW drives.

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