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Re: [edlug] CD Writers

On Wed, Jan 08, 2003 at 11:48:39AM +0000, H C Pumphrey wrote:
> My PII-266 box at home soldiers on without trouble, apart from the CD
> drive, which is becoming increasingly erratic. Given that I am also
> filling the HDDs up with pictures from my digital camera, it seems to make
> sense to replace the dodgy CD-Rom reader with a CD-RW drive. The things
> cost ?50-80 at User2 and at my local PC shop in Dunbar -- not
> exactly bank-breaking. 
According to a friend who bought one last week, Maplins are doing 52-speed
reader-writers for fifty quid. Silicon Group advertises CD-RW drives for
as little as 30 quid, but typically doesn't seem to have any in stock at
that price -- although they've got the 50 quid model.

> Before adding to my festive season credit-card hangover, I thought I'd ask
> present company if they have encountered any problems or gotchas with
> these things.  In particular, should I care that the box says "requires
> 333 MHz pentium or better"? 
Nope. It's complete bollocks. Should say: "requires a 333MHz Pentium if
you're going to run a crufty GUI on top of it". I've successfully burned
discs on a P133, so your machine should do fine as long as you're not
using it as an Oracle server at the same time.

> I intended to go for an internal ATAPI one to slot in exactly where the
> duff drive is now [1] -- I believe the USB ones don't work in Linux. The
> HOWTOs seem to imply that all the ATAPI ones work under Linux. I know that
> I'll need to sort out the SCSI-over-IDE modules. I already did that on a
> laptop that came with a CD-RW and it was relatively painless.

ATAPI ones work. Just do "insmod ide-scsi" then cat /proc/scsi/scsi to
see what your emulated SCSI bus looks like. One caveat: if you have
a real SCSI controller in the same machine, things can get a little bit
more interesting.

-- Charlie
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