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[edlug] CD Writers

Hi All,

My PII-266 box at home soldiers on without trouble, apart from the CD
drive, which is becoming increasingly erratic. Given that I am also
filling the HDDs up with pictures from my digital camera, it seems to make
sense to replace the dodgy CD-Rom reader with a CD-RW drive. The things
cost £50-80 at User2 and at my local PC shop in Dunbar -- not
exactly bank-breaking. 

Before adding to my festive season credit-card hangover, I thought I'd ask
present company if they have encountered any problems or gotchas with
these things.  In particular, should I care that the box says "requires
333 MHz pentium or better"? 

I intended to go for an internal ATAPI one to slot in exactly where the
duff drive is now [1] -- I believe the USB ones don't work in Linux. The
HOWTOs seem to imply that all the ATAPI ones work under Linux. I know that
I'll need to sort out the SCSI-over-IDE modules. I already did that on a
laptop that came with a CD-RW and it was relatively painless.

Many thanks in advance.....


[1] I do have a SCSI card for my scanner  but I the shops don't seem to
    stock many SCSI CD-RW drives.

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