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Re: [edlug] Novelty gifts

I've got to say I never expected anyone to actually make one, let alone present it to me at the meeting, I was touched. Now to my place of work... Mwa ha ha

asmith@xxx.xxx.xxx wrote:
Hi Faye

I suppose you could plug it into one of these 7 day timer things you buy in
B&Q, just as you go off on Xmas/New Years break and then get a triple time
call-out to say  the IF systems appear to be down!!



On Tue, 3 Dec 2002, Simon Proctor wrote:

You nutter... Of course it would a great one for fritzing a system with
incriminating evidence on a suppose. Cops raid you, then turn the power off
and the UPS frys the system... Hey now that is funky.

-- Yours Faye

This time she's the lesser of two evils.


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