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Re: [edlug] bits and pieces to give away

I would like to see the sparc station slc motherboard.

It works with a VGA monitor?


>I have the following items for anyone who wants them:
>sparc station slc motherboard. The NVRAM battery is
>dead, but it is
>possible to make it boot if you reset the nvram
>settings every time.
>It probably isn't useful for anything, except playing
>with linux on
>another architecture. It's going in the bin if no one
>wants it.
>pc power supply wired to the power connector for the
>physically big, small external SCSI HDD (300MB ish).
>This is also going in the bin if no one clames it.
>AUI to RJ45 connector.
>Keyboard and mouse for the slc. May work on other Sum
>I also have a couple of 486 boxes which someone may
>find a use
>for. I don't know if they work.
>Assorted small IDE drives, no idea if they work. They
>fell off the top
>shelf a while ago.
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