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[edlug] Events status update

Hi folks,

the Install Weekend and P&P event organisers had a meeting last Thursday, 
here's what transpired.

0.) Organisers attending the meeting (ordered alphabetically)
- Robert Gray
- Sean Hammond
- Bob Kerr
- Denis Leslie
- Steven Robson
- Andrew Smith
- Dominik Bodi
- did I forget anyone?

I.) Install Day Status:

This is the list of mentors so far:

Robert Maclay:  SUSE, SMEServer
Sean Hammond:   Ubuntu
Colin Horne:    tbd/generic
Andrew Ramage:  SUSE, DamnSmallLinux
Robert Gray:    Fedora Core, Mandriva
Steven Robson:  Slackware
Andrew Smith:   generic/applications
Dominik Bodi:   Kubuntu, Debian, OpenBSD

This is the list of "lent" equipment so far:
Robert Mclay: 5-port switch, cabling (still need to ask Rab for confirmation)
James Eaton-Lee: 24 port switch, 1 monitor (confirmed, I'll get that)
Martin Fitzpatrick: WiFi-Router, WiFi-ADSL-Router, Laptop (details need to be 
confirmed, I'm on it)
Robert Davidson: 2-3 monitors, RevolutionOS DVD (confirmed, waiting for 
Dominik Bodi: WiFi-AP, 8 port switch, 1 cable

This is the list of person who have volunteered for talks so far:
Robert Maclay: SMEServer
Sean Hammond: Ubuntu Demo
Robert Gray: Fedora Core Demo

We could do with some more mentors to get a wee bit more variety. Additional 
talks and some ethernet cabling would be appreciated, just as well.

II.) Planet & People Society event status:
I want to emphasise that the event is free to attend for everyone, don't 
hesitate to come along and listen to Gareth. Opportunities to listen to talk 
from an active member of the Free Software Foundation are rare!

Speaker: Gareth Bowker (FSFE, agreed, presentation draft pending)
Demo: trials on Thursday. We need more candidates, please.

Laptop "pimps":
- Andrew Ramage
- Colin Horne
- Sean Hammond
- Dominik Bodi

III.) Actions identified for individual organisers:
1.) Poster for P&P Event (Robert) - Done, see edlug website.
2.) Announce events at livejournal + craigslist + gumtree (Dominik) - tbd
3.) Announce events at Edinburgh Uni (Sean) - in progress
4.) Compile a list of distros to be put onto Bob's duplicator (Dominik) - tbd
5-) Posters for each distribution to help navigation at the Forest Cafe 
(Robert) - in progress
6.) Make some LiveCDs for the Forest Cafe's computers - any volunteers?
7.) Preparing a (backup) server for hosting some more CD/DVD images at the 
Install Weekend (Steven)
8.) Ask the Forest Cafe if they'll have pictures in the Gallery (Dominik) - 
tbd ca. one week before the event
9.) Prepare some pictures of Penguins, GNU's and Demons for the Forest Cafe 
Gallery ;-) (Bob) - tbd
10.) In case Bob won't be able to come the Install Weekend, we'll need to get 
his duplicator before - any volunteers?
11.) Organise some (free) parking somewhere near the Forest Cafe to leave my 
car (monitors and other equipment's transportation) during the day - Any 

IV.) Actions identified for You All(tm):
a.) Get the posters from the edlug website and spread the word.
b.) Volunteer for mentoring and talks (Install Weekend), 
showing-your-laptop-off (P&P event).

If you have additional suggestions, questions, etc. please don't hesitate to 
write me and/or to the list.

We'll have a scheduled meeting this Thursday 7:30pm at the Holyrood Tavern. 
I'll be at the Auld Hoose from about 6:00pm on to have some food there, as 

Anything else?

Sorry, ich war wohl etwas müde als ich den X-Server killen
wollte, was zu einen Reboot von hydra geführt hat.
		-- Michael Manternach

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