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Re: [edlug] Install day - backing up peoples files


Guess I may be able to help a bit here; I've got a 250Gig net drive that I'll be taking along to the install day. Might it be worth setting up some little network to provide us with some sort of backup facilities like this? I'm hoping, at the moment at least, to rsync some online APT repositories and just bung them on to the net drive; mount the net drive locally to the laptop and then set up a repository server of some sort. would mean we don't have to be spending so much time downloading package files.

if not, the drive could easily be used for backups instead. any ideas?


On 28/02/06, Planet Fenn <fenn@xxx.xxx.xxx> wrote:
On Tue, 28 Feb 2006, Sean Hammond wrote:

> Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 12:01:10 +0000
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> Subject: [edlug] Install day - backing up peoples files
>> From talking to People and Planet folk (some of them have heard and
> intend to come to our install days) it looks like we may come across
> non-expert computer users with laptops afflicted with a damaged
> install of Windows, who want Linux installed, but do not want to lose
> all of their files.
> Do we have some convenient system in place for backing up a users
> files, installing Linux, then recovering the files?

Duall boot is always an option. Otherwise, Knoppix and those USB
drives are pretty handy for this, if the system is new enough for

Also you can just knock together a Windows batch file or other
script (WSH) to copy the relevant files to a network drive (e.g.
the entire contents of Documents and Settings plus all the hugely
important files they leave in their temp folder(s) ).

Best thing is to search the entire system for .bmp, .jpg, and other
image files, as well as the more obvious .doc, .pst, .dbx .xls,
.ppt etc.  and copy them across with their paths. You might also
need a converter to convert their email to mbox or maildir format,
depending on what they are going to use on their Linux system. Oh,
and make sure they know all their passwords for dial-up etc. in
case they are saved on the Windows system.

No doubt the people intimately involved with the last Install Day
will have had procedures for all this.

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