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Re: [edlug] Install day - backing up peoples files

This afternoon, Sean Hammond wrote:
> Okay I've changed my gmail setting from utf-8 to what it just calls
> "standard".

Which is iso-8859-1 with quoted-printable, and about as standard as it
gets :).  If (as it appears) you're both using GMail's web interface, it
might be worth reporting it as a bug.  It should be possible to either
send the UTF-8 as QP or to include a trivial MIME wrapper so the footer
wouldn't be in the base64 bit.  It should also be reasonably easy to get
the base64 decoder to give something useful, rather than just a blank
message.  They could even just send 8-bit characters, it's not like
there are any non-8-bit-clean mail servers out there any more.  That's
not really very 'tidy' though.

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