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Re: [edlug] Install day - backing up peoples files

This afternoon, Dick Bain wrote:
> On 28/02/06, Sean Hammond <sean.hammond@xxx.xxx.xxx> wrote:
> love to know why you post so many of these empty posts
> ;-)

It's because his text is base64 encoded, but the EdLUG footer isn't.
Your mail client doesn't know how to handle that.  Technically, his
client isn't doing anything wrong (it's a bit odd, but correct).
Majordomo is, by appending plain text to a base64-encoded body (but
that's a pretty standard thing to do).  Your client should probably be
trying to display all it can do, or giving a useful error, rather than
showing nothing.

If Sean's client included more MIME structure, it would probably work.
Ditto if it didn't base64 encode the data, which it probably doesn't
actually need to do nowadays.

For what it's worth, my client correctly decodes the base64 then
recognises the unencoded footer and shows that too. *smug* :).

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