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Re: [edlug] [OT] ADSL router recommendations

On Sun, Feb 19, 2006 at 11:23:46PM +0000, Planet Fenn wrote:
> Hi guys
> I will soon need a new wired ADSL router. Has anyone got any
> recommendations?

I work in the support department of a smaller ISP and deal with ADSL
faults on a daily basis.

*) You can't really go wrong with a Zxyel.
*) Avoid Netgear and Draytek like the plague.

> Cisco SB101; is it good or pants? 

I would say that these are no more reliable than Zxyels, maybe less so.

> How about Solwise Billion ADSL-7402R2?
> Or the Solwise SAR-600E ADSL?


I've found the best thing with the Zxyels is that they have a full
telnet interface that can be controlled by expect scripts. i.e. ping
hosts on the 'net, & reboot/reset the router, all from a cron job.

Also, they keep updating firmware for models that have been out of
production for 2/3 years.

My 2p.

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