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Re: [edlug] Open Source remote support.

Colin Horne said the following on 21/02/2006 15:31:

Does anyone know of any open source software that allows users to connect to a web server to get support? Kind of like VNC but without having to install any software.

My spider senses detect a contradiction here (although, my spider senses have been wrong in the past).

Which side do you not which to install any software on: server or client?

Thanks for the answers folks. I wish to look after a few PCs running Win 2k / XP. I have in the past been helped by software companies by visitng a part of their website where they are able to view my desktop and / or take over control of it. I didn't have to install any software although there may have been some java going on.

I'd like to be able to do the same.

I'm happy to install whatever is required on my own servers / desktops but I'd rather that the remote machines had as little extra as possible installed.

I've looked at VNC, TightVNC and UltrVNC but can't make up my mind which to try.

The remote PC's will be behind a firewall but that may not always be the case. Also, I can never be sure of a static IP address.

Does this help with my question?


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