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Re: [edlug] Open Source remote support.


NM  Does anyone know of any open source software that allows users to 
NM connect to a
NM web server to get support?  Kind of like VNC but without having to 
NM install any
NM software.

If it is the client bit of VNC that you are interested in, then you can 
use any web browser with Java. The VNC server can serve up an applet which 
lets you access the remote desktop. I can't remember if the port is 
5800+desktop or 5900+desktop. This should be a zero-install for most 

If you want to allow someone else to have access to the same desktop as 
you (rather than a nice new TWM session), then you could use x2vnc. But 
you probably need to install this and sort out some secure way of running 
it (firewall, SSH, password).

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