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Re: [edlug] P&P and Install Day Status

On Mon, 20 Feb 2006, C. Dominik [utf-8] Bódi wrote:

Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 18:56:15 +0000
From: "C. Dominik [utf-8] Bódi" <Dominik.Bodi@xxx.xxx.xxx>
To: edlug@xxx.xxx.xxx
Subject: [edlug] P&P and Install Day Status

here's a status update about the Install Day and the P&P event.

First the P&P Event:
Here's my idea: Everyone who seriously considers volunteering will give us a
"demo demo" at the coming edlug meeting (Thursday March 2nd). Thus, a larger
crowd and not just me can choose the "victim". Please email me if you plan to
take part in the "trials". For preparation, I refer to Sean's excellent

A sort of trial by ordeal? What fun! It must be years since the
Holyrood has seen anything like this. We could also have a couple
of sideshows, perhaps someone strolling about selling chestnuts?


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