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Re: [edlug] P&P and Install Day Status


to clear up all the confusion I'll list all three events we'll be having in 
March, along with some details:

Sat/Sun March 11/12th, EdLUG Install Weekend 2006-I @ Forest Cafe, 3 Bristo 
Place, 10:00am-6:00pm each day: 
	- Wanted: Mentors(!), Talks, Demos
	- a copy of "Revolution OS" on DVD (if nobody has it I'll buy it myself)
	- Wanted: Ethernet Hubs/Switches + cabling
	- Wanted: old monitors
	- Wanted: Flyers
Monday March 13th, Planet & People Society Meeting (Free Software Advocacy), 
Edinburgh University Chaplaincy, Ground Floor Auditorium, 1 Bristo Square:
	- Speaker booked: Gareth Bowkes (Free Software Foundation Europe)
	- Wanted: Demo (Linux for beginners, Email,WWW,IM etc, short)
	- Wanted: Laptop pimps ;-) for showing off in the Forest Cafe after the 

Sat/Sun March 25/26th, EdLUG Install Weekend 2006-II @ New Media (time?, 
	- Wanted: Chief organiser (Robert Gray?)
	- Wanted: Mentors(!), Talks, Demos
	- Wanted: Flyers
	- Wanted: what else?

Alberne Leute sagen Dummheiten, gescheite Leute machen sie.

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