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Re: [edlug] installing packages when without an Internet connection

1) google apt-get offline 2) http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-36365.html 3a) http://www.batmat.net/apt-offline/ 3b) http://packages.ubuntu.com/hoary/admin/apt-zip


Sean Hammond wrote:
I have a home computer running Ubuntu which is not connected to the Internet.

I want to install a package on that computer from Ubuntu's universe repository.

The package has dependencies, and the dependencies have dependencies, and so on.

I have a laptop, also running Ubuntu, which *can* be connected to the Internet.

The packages currently installed on the laptop do not match exactly
the packages installed on the desktop PC. So if I was to apt-get the
wanted package onto the laptop, it might not download into the
apt-cache all of the .deb's that would be required to install the same
package on the desktop PC, as the laptop may already have some of the
dependencies installed.

So... basically I need some way to download onto the laptop the wanted
package and all of its dependencies. Just download the .deb's, don't
necessarily install them. Then I can copy all of the debs over to the
desktop PC and can install them there.

This is similar to a problem Andrew Aylett posted a while ago which no
one seemed to have an answer to (subject: Ubuntu 'slipstream').

You'd think there would be a command to achieve this, or it could be
scripted easily, but I'm really surprised to find that there seems to
be no reasonable way of doing this. It seems that if a computer is not
connected to the Internet then you're more or less stuck with the
packages that came on the CD.

Alternatively, the wanted program is installed on the laptop, but the
laptop doesn't necessarily have all the .debs still there, is there
some way to transfer the installed program over?

I have installed the package apt-doc and looked at it's apt-offline
instructions, but they seem a really over the top approach, and anyway
that solution would not be possible in my case.

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