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Re: [edlug] P&P and Install Day Status

On Mon, 20 Feb 2006, Colin Horne wrote:

My apologies, it seems that my original email was mis-interpreted:

"I will hopefully be the proud owner of a Linux-running laptop by March,
so could possibly help in after-presentation discussions/demonstration.
I don't really fancy myself as a speaker in front of a large audience,

What I meant was: I'd be happy to show off Linux to a small group of
people after the main event, but I doubt I'd be worthy of doing a full

That sounds really good, someone enthusiastic with a shiny new Linux on a laptop would make a great advocate for Linux.

It actually sounds as if I'd be better suited to help out at the Linux
install day at the forest cafe. I'd be happy to assist people in
installing Linux on their systems, etc.

(Incidentally, can someone please advise when the install day is meant
to be taking place? There's been so many dates suggested and past, I
lose track of which is the 'official' date)

I was under the impression that it's on the 11th/12th March but if it has changed, maybe someone could confirm the actual dates and I will correct the website: http://arkaig.netresources.co.uk/~edlug/install/


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