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[edlug] P&P and Install Day Status

Hi everyone,

here's a status update about the Install Day and the P&P event. 

First the P&P Event:
Good news, we have a speaker for the talk. Gareth Bowker from the Free 
Software Foundation Europe has kindly agreed to help us out. He is currently 
preparing his presentation, I will forward details about the duration etc. 

If you want to know a wee bit more about Gareth, here's a link to his homepage 
(including a blog):

That leaves the demo. We had many volunteers, that makes it really difficult 
to choose someone. I'd have more than one person at the event in order to do 
some "showing-off" (pimp my linux laptop, haha). However, only one person 
should to the demo, otherwise it will take to long.

Here's my idea: Everyone who seriously considers volunteering will give us a 
"demo demo" at the coming edlug meeting (Thursday March 2nd). Thus, a larger 
crowd and not just me can choose the "victim". Please email me if you plan to 
take part in the "trials". For preparation, I refer to Sean's excellent 
email, you can read it at:

The following people have offered to do a demo so far, I'd appreciate if they 
could tell me if they want to take part in the "trials" or not:
- Colin Horne
- Sean Hammond
- Andrew Ramage

Now to the Linux Install Day:
That's getting a wee bit more tricky but the good news first: The Forest Cafe 
has confirmed the booking that they will not charge us for using the venue, 
either. They have offered us to take as much space as we need, we should 
still try to keep interference with the business to a minimum.
Now the bad news:
1.) They are not sure we'll be able to use the gallery room. That means we 
might have to hang about in the main room and improvise a wee bit more.
2.) Network equipment: They have "some" extra cabling but NO hubs/switches. 
That means we'll need to organise them ourselves. Please inquire the usual 
suspects (netresources?) and synchronise your efforts with me (=write me an 
email about what you're doing). Ryan from the Forest Cafe suggested to 
contact Indymedia, which I will do myself asap.
3.) Monitors: I've totally forgotten about this, but we need some Monitors. 
Old CRT's (plus cables pls) will do. Transportation can be provided my me if 
4.) Talks & Demos & Mentors: VERY FEW VOLUNTEERS so far. Help!
Here's a short! list of people who have volunteered as mentor or to give 
Robert Mclay: Mentor for SUSE (and SMEServer) plus a talk+demo about SMEServer
Sean Hammond: Mentor for Ubuntu and Ubuntu demo
Me: Mentor for Kubuntu, Debian and OpenBSD.

Dennis, Rab and Robert Gray be organising along with me, but we'll need more 
Mentors and some more talks & demos!!! Talks and demos can be about anything 
basically. And you don't have to be a überexpert in order to help out someone 
installing the favourite distro of yours, either.

Sean suggested the Movies "The Code" and "Revolution OS". If someone has a 
copy of either of these, please bring them along. The Forest Cafe has a DVD 
player connected to a projector where we could play the moving when we're not 
doing talks.

That's it for now. If I've forgotten something please remind my as unpolitely 
as necessary ;-)

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