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Re: [edlug] [OT] ADSL router recommendations

>>>>> Planet Fenn wrote (on Sun, 19 Feb 2006 at 23:23):

    > I will soon need a new wired ADSL router. Has anyone got any
    > recommendations?

    > Cisco SB101; is it good or pants? How about Solwise Billion
    > ADSL-7402R2?
    > Or the Solwise SAR-600E ADSL?

I've a Billion BIPAC 5102 here, and a ADSL-SAR-600EW elsewhere.  Both
are straightforward, cheap, and work fine.  I've never had to anything
fancy, like use them with a VPN: just allow a hole for ssh. 

I usually buy things from Solwise these days.  The company seems to be 
run by clueful human beings. 

I especially like their "ethernet over mains" thingies.  A bit pricey,

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