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Re: [edlug] Linux Install Day

Hi Rab,

aye, I think it was me. Doing a talk about SMEServer (including a demo) would 
be a very nice idea, indeed. We could even integrate a Demo SME server into 
our temporary network there. The talk was fine to me, unfortunately I wasn't 
able to attend the demo you did at an earlier meeting. We will have access to 
a projector, therefore feel free to create some Impress slides to show off 
with. SMEServer is an ideal tool to show people how to set up a server 
"point-and-click-style", a demo should focus on that. Apart from that, I 
cannot think of any additional "requirements" just now. We can chat about 
details at the next meeting. If you have any suggestions/questions/etc. feel 
free to contact me before.

Btw, my jabberid is incinerator@xxx.xxx.xxx


Am Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2006 19:09 schrieb Robert Mclay:
>  Hi All,
>  I was speaking to someone at last month's
>  EDLug about doing the SME talk again for
>  the install day.  I seem to have mislaid
>  your email, if you were the chap, I am
>  willing to discuss the requirements at
>  the up and comming meeting in March.
>  Cheers,
>  Rab
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