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Re: [edlug] Install Day - Forest Cafe

Hi Fenn,

Am Dienstag, 14. Februar 2006 11:17 schrieb Planet Fenn:
> Maybe we should have a least the first day starting at say, 11:00
> or 11:30 to allow us to get ready?
I don't expect that to be a problem. The previous Install Weekend's experience 
tells me that "business" is rather slow in the first couple of hours. That 
should give us enough time to get things going. In case of Teh Lone Keen 
Punter: One of us will help him out and the others will continue setting 
things up.

> But it might bore the pants off the uninterested public who have
> popped in for a quiet coffee and chat, and drive them out of the
> cafe :-) Similarly, seeing a small crowd gathered around a speaker
> might also make passers-by a little nervous about coming in to buy
> a coffee or cake, in case they were interrupting.
That might be so, but the managers of the cafe think otherwise. They have 
invited us to take up space as we feel necessary. If the talks are not to 
long this won't be a problem. We just have to make sure that we do not form 
small isolated hostile-looking crowds, but spread out and invite every 
visitor to have a go at GNU/Linux ;-)
And according to my experience, the cafe's never really that quiet anyways, 
they do events there all the time, we won't make much a difference I guess.

> The site is being updated. I've taken the old links off.
Excellent, thanks a lot.

Uneigennützige Freundschaft gibt es nur unter Leuten gleicher
		-- Jean-Paul Getty

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