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Re: [edlug] PCI DECT base station cards & other things

On Sun, 2006-02-12 at 18:47 +0000, Paul Lewis wrote:
> Do such things exist and do linux drivers exit.
> I can see that folks might say, "why would you want one of those, when  
> you have Skype or similar?"
> But, I would like the option of using my existing DECT handsets with  
> the PCI card acting as the DECT basestation, which might lead to the  
> option of routing calls across the PSTN or the Internet.

Not as far as I'm aware - to the best of my knowledge, the only way
you'd be able to accomplish this would be using a device with an FXS
port (such as a digium card) into which you could plug the DECT phone
(or any other POTS telephony device such as a corded telephone handset
or fax machine). You'd probably then need some sort of software package
to actually handle the call handing via the PSTN and via the internet
(such as, perhaps, Asterisk or sipxpbx, two open-source telephony/pbx

For calls over the PSTN, you'd obviously also need an FXO port
(basically, a modem your package supports) to plug into the phone line.

The alternative to the telephony card/software package route would be to
buy a piece of hardware designed specifically for this. The only device
I know of which will alternate between SIP/IAX/whatever VoIP
connectivity and an analogue phoneline are the audiocodes media gateways

Port 4 on the MP-10x series of these devices uses the unused pins (1/4)
to attach to a 'backup' analogue line via a special dongle that looks
like a splitter (essentially, it is a splitter wired the right way).
This enables the 4 handsets (or more/less, depending upon which one you
buy) on the FXS variant to make calls via the PSTN if either the
device's LAN port is down or (I believe) the device itself is powered
down. (ie. I think it does what I can only describe as fail-open, but
I'm not sure).

The audiocodes boxes are fairly hard to source and quite expensive
(you'd be looking at £500+ for the 4-port FXS/FXO boxes), but I'm sure
there are other boxes that would do the trick, the audiocodes boxes
happen to be the only devices I'm familiar with. 

The vonage/linksys SIP analogue converters can be sourced very cheaply,
and via replacement firmware are completely configurable as SIP/analog
gateway devices - unfortunately, they don't have POTS connectivity, but
at least they'd be a start! 

You could probably accomplish what you're after with a linksys SIP
device attached via ethernet to an asterisk@home box with a single FXO
port quite easily.

Hope that helps; feel free to give me a shout if any of this was

 - James.

> Next but unrelated question.
> A while ago, I reformated my hard disk and reinstalled linux manually  
> calculating the partition size, it turns out I massively overestimated  
> the size of my /usr partition, which is about 30Gb bigger than it need  
> be.
> Can I adjust the partition size on the fly?
> Thanks
> -
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