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Re: [edlug] Boot failure when USB hub is connected

On Thursday 09 Feb 2006 17:29, Anand & Catriona wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have just come across an odd problem. I am running a machine built round
> a Jetway Polaris 400 motherboard, which uses a VIA chip set. The processor
> is an Athlon XP 1200. 256MB RAM is installed. The machine runs with no
> problems under Ubuntu 5.10.
> When I connect a USB hub to the built in USB socket, though, the BIOS does
> not boot. It reports the processor, then the line "Memory Test" but does
> not appear to check the RAM. When I boot without the hub connected,
> Memtest86+ reports no problem with the RAM. If I connect the USB hub after
> booting, my USB wheel mouse works fine.
> Has anyone come across anything similar? Any suggestions for a fix?
> Incidentally, I have set the BIOS not to halt on any errors, but this makes
> no difference.

My sister-in-law's modern dell hangs on bootup if her USB connected multi 
function printer/scanner is switched on at the time.
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